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Reducing Tree Damage

The last thing you want during a storm is a tree falling onto your home or car. Spotting potential problems and using proper pruning techniques before a storm will help keep your trees healthy, beautiful, and safe.

After a storm, damaged or fallen trees need special attention:

  • Fallen trees. Only reset smaller ones; larger trees may have been weakened and are more likely to fall again.

  • Stumps. If you're leaving one, cut it flush with the ground. If you're removing one, leave four feet standing when you cut down the tree-it's easier and cheaper to pull stumps out than to dig them out.

  • Branches. Remove any that are weak or hanging over a structure, and trim the remaining ones to a length of five feet or shorter.

Look out for utility lines-if any limbs are near one, call your local utility company and ask them to do the trimming. Touching a wire can be extremely dangerous, both to you and your neighbors.

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