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Get to Know: Model City Insurance


"Why Model City?"

"What makes you guys different from [other insurance company]?"

"What if I already have a policy with [company we carry]?"

"I don't live near Anniston. Will you still cover me?

These are questions we hear from potential customers all the time, so let's dive into the answers together!

So, why us? What makes us different? Well, Model City Insurance is an independent agency. This means we work with many different insurance companies to guarantee the best fit for you based on your needs and budget. This also means that you don't have to spend YOUR precious time shopping around for the best quote! We just get some basic information from you and find the best rate while you continue on with your day. This also gives us a good chance to compare your current policy apples-to-apples to what we offer, and find you the best discounts and savings. Hey, if your policy is better, we'll tell you! At the end of the day, we still want to make sure you're protected.

What if you already have a policy with a company we offer? Great! If you like everything about your policy and you don't want to change, you can simply transfer it to our agency. How does this benefit you? Well, now you have a local agent who will personally ensure your satisfaction to the policy AND, more importantly, be your point of contact in the event of a loss. We know it can be frustrating dealing with a different person each time you call a 1-800 number and we want to save you that headache. Another great advantage to transferring your policy: if at any time you decide you want to switch for any reason, we have the ability to shop around for you, but you're still part of our agency! How awesome is that?

Finally, we want you to know that our coverage is not limited to our municipal area. We can, and do, provide coverage to wonderful people all over the state of Alabama. Anniston, Gadsden, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, you name it and we have customers there. Most of our companies offer electronic signature and payment options that allow you do handle everything online. We'll soon be offering coverage in Georgia, too! We want people to know about Model City Insurance, so if we've helped you or someone you know, spread the word! Share our posts, leave us reviews, send us referrals. Our motto is "Making Customers Important" and for us, it's not just a tag line. It truly is how we do business.

I hope this has helped you learn a little more about our agency and our mission. Please browse our website for even more information, including a full list of companies we're partnered with.

Have a Wonderful Day!

-Stephanie, Christa, Shannon, and Kevin

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