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Newsletter: "It Doesn't Matter, Til It Matters"

Why Care?

“It doesn’t matter, til it matters.”

Auto Insurance

Model City Insurance has a wide range of companies that we offer for your auto insurance. Why should you shop your insurance? Why Care? A few reasons aside from the fact it’s required in the State of Alabama; you may not have enough coverage, you may be paying too much, you may be insured incorrectly, or you may not be with a creditable company. We only use A rated companies or better here at Model City Insurance. Since we have multiple carriers, we will shop the rates for you! Now doesn’t that sound easy? We understand that insurance is likely the last thing anyone wants to fool with. At Model City Insurance, WE LOVE IT! We’d be more than happy to take the burden of insurance away.


No one really likes to sit down and look at their insurance policy. Why? Cause it’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo on 74 pieces of paper. Who has time to read through all that? Not you, between work, school, kids sports, church, vacations, grocery shopping, doctor visits, watching The Bachelor; who has time? We do! At Model City Insurance, we’ll educate you on what coverage you have and why. In a nutshell we’ll break down the policy for you to have peace of mind. When you are underinsured you face a lifetime of Alexander Shunnarah Billboards. Let us explain to you why the coverage you choose to have is of utmost importance.

“It Doesn’t Matter Til It Matters”

I’m sure you noticed this little phrase at the top when you began reading, let me further explain it to you: one of our company reps came by and said this and it just stuck. Your insurance is just a bill to you. It doesn’t matter. Then you are hit while waiting at a stop light and you have to call your agent, the police, your family, your job, who knows who you need to contact. This is the primary reason you have insurance. Now if you don’t have enough coverage, then you could end up coming out of pocket for the remainder of the expenses. Don’t let that happen. It matters to Model City Insurance! We want you to know that we have you covered! We want you to feel “as good as one possibly could” about being involved in an auto accident. Let us do that for you!


So you’ve been involved in an accident, what do you do? Call the police. Always call the police! They are their to help you and all involved. Then call your agent. That could be us! We will walk you through the process, help you file the claim, be sure you’re taken care of, and ensure that you are adequately insured. So, It Matters. It matters, to you, it matters to us, it matters to your family.


Thank you for reading our first EVER newsletter! I hope you found it informative, helpful, and educating. If you would like to suggest a topic please do so by emailing us at:

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